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Music’s got me feeling so free

Monday 01st of May 2006

A few years ago Brett coined the term “workation” for a lot a situations we found ourselves in. In my work I have been lucky to have had many workations in Japan, Australia, Europe, and all over the U.S. but there is always work involved although many gentle readers may find that scoffable. This past weekend was the Coachella Festival in Indio, California. My first trip was a total girls weekend with Wendy and Erin and the main event was of course Oasis headlining the last night. I had well prepared Wendy and Erin that if there was a chance for me to get on stage to watch the show and there was the potential for any funny business as in us getting kicked off they had to cut and let me stay. The prodigy played right before and as they were clearing the stage I sort of marched up like I was in charge and hung out and waited. Erin and Wendy were sitting in a golf cart behind the stage and I looked at them with piercing eyes that said “don’t even try to get up here or we’re done for sure!” I moved around the roadies to stay out of the way and finally settled near some road cases next to the monitor board. I had two beers in my purse so I opened one and waited. About a minute before they were supposed to start The Strokes were all escorted to my spot and as soon as that happened I knew I was golden, who was gonna kick me off if they thought I was with these guys?! When Oasis took the stage my heart started to race and I possibly have never been more excited in my life. I sang along at the top of my lungs like the worlds biggest dork and was almost in tears by the third song. When Don’t Look Back In Anger started and Liam walked to the monitor desk to kick it I locked eyes with him and had a starting contest for 10 seconds until I chickened out and looked away, my heart pounding again. It was magic happiness. After the show we were clowning around in the mars volta dressing room and everyone was making fun of me. Erin went to see what was happening at Oasis’ dressing room and told Liam I was his biggest fan. He asked her “where is she then?” I went over, a little drunk, a lot delirious and said hello to him. When I has asked Noel for a photo earlier in the day he noticed my Jam badge and I said something barely intelligible and this was even worse. It seems that the only things in life that have ever truly made me nervous are talking to members of Oasis and talking with Liam is like talking to a genius alien. I smiled and tried to sound smart but I wasn’t. He looked at me and said “I’ve seen you before”? And I was like “Well maybe earlier? I asked you for a photo? He said “No, that’s not it”. I said sort of blabbing this time “Well maybe a few years ago? I was in San Francisco when you played with Cornershop and we were backstage hanging out after the show?” He said “That must be it, I’ll see you again.” It was the best brush off line I’ve ever heard, better than any one of my friends or any movie or book, and it was said to me by Liam. I of course would have preferred to not have been brushed off, but this was worth it to be sure.

The last two years have been excellent for other reasons, two years ago The Donnas, The Mars Volta, The Stooges and last year The Locust and New Order (another insane dorky moment of me dancing alone in a field like a maniac crying thinking about youth and heartache) and this year Teddy and Daft Punk. There were other amazing things but to me Ted is always amazing and this time he and Dave and Chris played under such insane circumstances: direct sunlight at 3:30 PM in 100º heat. To me, survival was a triumph and they more than survived.

The most transcendental event though was seeing Daft Punk. I have often thought (no offense to my babies The Locust and Grabba Grabba Tape) that playing in full costumes/uniforms/outfits was something that eventually would run it’s course no matter how insanely amazing, that to connect on a deeper level with an artist you would have to see eyes and emotion. Seeing these robots with 10,000 other people I swear was one of the most powerful live music experiences I have ever had and looking back on it I can’t believe how I felt and I have felt so much power: Bikini Kill, Circus Lupus, Fugazi, Beat Happening, Ulysses, Kraftwerk, Primadonnas, Fast Forward, playing music. I’m not saying thiis was MORE or the MOST, but it was DIFFERENT AND AMAZING. I am in love with robots.

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