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Choking Man is the best movie

Thursday 04th of May 2006

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This coming Friday teddy is playing an event for the Tribeca Film Festival. One of the perks was that we got passes to the festival which is as overwhelming as it is amazing. Yesterday Maurix and I finally were able to see some movies. The night before was our DJ gig at Nacotheque which was fun but late so it was a little harder than normal to get up and go to make it to the movies on time. We did make it though and we saw three in one day, the most amazing of which was "Choking Man" . It's the story of immigrants and isolation and heartache and survival and is beautiful and smart and striking and surprising. I think this movie is important and if anyone has a way to see it as it makes the festival circuit please do and if nothing else go the website and watch the trailer and email them and tell them you want to see it.

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