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Love: and the art of NAJAISM

Sunday 25th of June 2006

Hmmm. I have been absent from human life it feels like. I have been caught in a swarm of late nights, new songs, new jobs, friends, fangs and heat. The summer has given and it hath taken away. I donít know how to get caught up on life after letting life take over for a few months so I will let it happen slowly. So far I am proud of these things:

*Les Aus record is almost done although it has been delayed again. Right now is its scheduled to come out on July 25th. I think that is a respectable date altjough later than one would have hoped. Look for info on how to order direct from SSGDís soon.
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*Love Or Perish played our first shows. The first one was at Nacotheque on June 13 and it was a demacre but insane and awesome. I donít know a good place for pics of the show but Iím looking and will post some when I can. We also played a show in our practice space which was actually the punkest show Iíve been to in 15 years. Imagine it:
practice space under the street in soho
you have to close the door behind you and itís heavy and you are underground with 15-20 other sweaty punkers.
Itís so hot you feel like mold is growing on you
Your best friends are playing music with you and you own the world.

*Prehistoristas played our first show. When Lolo and I decided to start a band together last summer two days after we met I knew it was more than stupid drunk drivel. It was stupid drunk drivel, but it was more than that too. When I got to Madrid in October no matter how hungover we were we went to the practice space and worked on songs and recorded them and even though we didnít end up liking it I knew that wasnít the end. When Lolo got to NY we made plans to practice and play and record and we added Maurix to the band because what else were we going to do and we wrote emo crappy hits and of course none of the recordings were good enough and of course we were the sloppiest band in the universe at our show but we were the best and there is one thing I know. PREHISTORISTAS FOREVER.
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*We went to staten island on my birthday to look for enanos. We didnít find them and we almost got hit by rotten eggs thrown by junkies but we didnít and we lived to tell and moments like these are what dreams could be made of.

Now Iím alone in my house. Life is about to begin another new chapter. I didnít read this one before it was written so Iím ready for the next one to be just as brilliant. No. It will be more.

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