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Soy La Zorra De Suerte

Saturday 30th of September 2006

I apologize to my gentle readers (all 2 of you) who donít read Spanish yet. Itís my effort tointernationalize the world by incorporating Spanish into my everyday vocabulary and thereby forcing my friends to learn new words and think new ways. In the last year I have been to Spain 7 times. Iíve lost it I know. But itís ok. Now that my Spanish is better I am trying to learn some Euskera, Catalan Gallego and Portuguese. Now that is crazy. Basque (the language with no origin) is so crazy and so cool with XXís and KKís and ZZís everywhere.

Anyway, La Zorra De Suerte = Lucky Bitch and right now Iím the luckiest because Iím sitting in a beautiful barn studio in Massachusetts listening to Ted Leo record his new album and itís making me crazy with excitement. So far they have 14 songs tracked and heís working on guitars and weíll see how many make it onto the record but it is sounding so incredible and uplifting and danceable and smart and important. The studio has horses and hot tub and a SAUNA and the rolling stones have written songs here. I am so pissed I have to go back to the insanity of NY, but I must. Sean Na Na plays tomorrow and I have to see my Ben and Jeremy and work my ass off this week. One of the guys on my team at work quit on Friday so until or if they replace him I have to cover a ton more. Locust are also in the studio creating their own masterpiece and The Donnas are recording demoís and Love or Perish is practicing a ton and I have to go to Montreal for the Future of Music Conference and god god god. Itís a lot no??

But throughout it all I am so stoked because my friends are making the best music in the world and itís all I want to listen to and that makes me lucky. I like everyone have desire for things I donít or canít have but I really really try to remember what I do have and what makes me lucky and happy. My friends and music and punk and air and horses and train rides in New England looking at the leaves change and thinking about you.

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