New Records


Start From Zero

by Love Or Perish

out 2007-10-14
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Transatlantic KK

by Delorean

out 2007-05-14
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As Time Breaks Off

by Delorean

out 2007-04-09
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Little Tea

by Two Tears

out 2007-01-29
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by Grabba Grabba Tape

out 2006-09-26
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Campamento Ñec Ñec Presenta Alimaña

by Campamento Ñec Ñec

out 2006-09-26
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Simple Social Graces Discos News


For current Simple Social Graces

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The last month or so has been hard. Lots of emotions and lots of work. Now I'm feeling good and ready to get back on track. For anyone who's interested Simple Social Graces has officially endorsed Barack Obama for President and is actively getting behind his campaign. We are proud to have supported Hillary Clinton's candidacy but now is the time to get things done. We've started a fundraising page to show our support. Please donate if you can! - read more


VIENNA: 29 June 2008 20:45 VAMOS ESPAÑA


- read more


¡Felicitaciones Fernando Lugo!

I find South American politics to be the most interesting to follow. With the combination of Socialists, Women and Indigenous people elected at such a fast clip, it's truly fascinating to see the recovery from imperialism in real time. Fernando Lugo won election in Paraguay on Sunday after over 60 years of one party rule. Of course action and results take time but this will certainly be fascinating to watch. - read more


there are days when the only thing to do is listen to delorean

when insomnia sets in and life is confusing i am happy for rainbows and friends.

- read more


Delorean Blog! Awesome!

My babies delorean have a new blog where they talk about all sorts of beautiful things they are obsessed with. The members of delorean speak Basque, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, German and English (oh and ancient greek??) but this is in Spanish only for the moment, but soon will have more. It's still lovely and fun. AND OH YEAH... MORE NEWS ON DELOREAN IN A DAY OR TWO. - read more


It's that time of year. Let's go to a dog show!

When I lived in the Bay Area, one of the treats of the year was to go to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show every February. It was always amazing to see not just the competitions in the main ring, but the breed displays in the annex building. About 4 years ago I was able to see the show of shows, the Westminster Dog Show. Tonight in NYC it's COLD AS HELL, so I'm happy to watch the show from the comfy cozy couch. Sadly my beloved French Bulldog Wishbone lost the non sporting group but he'll always be in my heart.

- read more



The Lakers have become my NBA team of choice and I could not be happier to welcome PAU GASOL to the Lakers! He makes his debut tomorrow night vs. the New Jersey Nets and SSGD will be there! de puta madre! - read more


It's that time of year! PUPPY BOWL 2008!

I really don't care about NFL football, although as a pop culture obsessive I do hope that the freakin' Patriots defy the odds and lose big time on Sunday. I do care about the coolest thing on TV all year though: PUPPY BOWL! For what seems like hours and hours on super bowl Sunday, Animal Planet has a completely silly show of puppies running around and drinking water. The absurdity of it, and the cuteness of the puppies, makes it UNMISSABLE! Click the link for the deets. - read more


No End In Sight nominated for an Academy Award!

How awesome is it to wake up and hear your best friend is an academy award nominated producer? PRETTY AWESOME. Audrey Marrs, creative consultant to Simple Social Graces Discos is actually a film producer whose first picture, the critically acclaimed No End In Sight, was nominated for Best Documentary by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences today. WTF! We at SSG could not be more proud or excited. Plan your Oscar watching party now! - read more


Happy 35th Anniversary Roe V. Wade

There have been a few times the supreme court has done something right (of course more than a few, but who has time to be precise today? Not me.) Anyway, 35 years ago the supreme court ruled that a womans right to terminate a pregnancy was her choice and a right protected by the 14th amendment to the constitution. We at Simple Social Graces absolutely believe in this and will do whatever we can to fight to protect this right in the face of a cultural and political climate that is frighteningly close to overturning this protection. - read more


Simple Social Graces announces January 11 is officially Barbapapa Day!

In my household we don't have any kids or pets but we do have an awesome Barbamama doll that we affectionately have nicknamed "baramamama". I found it in Madrid last summer in the comic shop down the street from Maurix's house and she has become the go to item for getting cozy. In honor of her and my general affection for all things Barba, I have deemed today "BARBAPAPA DAY"! Raise your glass to toast the cutest malleable creatures in history. - read more


Crisis in Kenya, a way we can help our extended family.

Many of you are aware of the volatile situation in Kenya caused by the results of the presidential election there in December. Some of the members of Extra Golden are from Nairobi and because of the curfew imposed, are no longer able to work in clubs to support their families. We can help them by contributing to a fund to help them through this crisis time.

To make a donation, please go to and choose "send money". When asked for the email address of the recipient, enter More information on this situation can be found in the following link. - read more


Ricky Rosas, a story that will warm your heart

Watching USC play in the Rose Bowl last Tuesday my sweetie pointed out a cute little guy who ran out into the stadium with the team. He was Ricky Rosas, the 4' 8" water boy/special assistant to the the head coach and team inspiration. His story can be found in the link here and warmed my heart on new years day. - read more


Simple Social Graces Discos endorses... HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT

Yes, Simple Social Graces Discos is ready to announce we are endorsing Hillary Clinton in her campaign for president. For us, the 2008 presidential election is the most important election in my lifetime. The commitment to upholding a woman’s right to choose as designated in Roe Vs. Wade, a plan for getting us out of Iraq and helping us re-build coalitions and dignity in the international community with peace and diplomacy as priorities, and health care, education and nutrition for every kid, no matter what their economic status are the things that matter to us most. While we believe there are other candidates in the race who can also do a good job with these issues, we have decided Hillary is our woman. - read more


RIP Benazir Bhutto

goddammit. this makes me sick and so sick and tired of what this world has become and our place in it and i just don't know where we go from here. - read more


Videos of the day: MALCOLM MILTON

Most of my friends have heard my stories over the last year of my personal trainer Malcolm Milton. He was profiled in June's Natural Health magazine and has just started posting videos of his workouts on You Tube. Click here for the real deal!! - read more


Clementines are back in season!

I love this time of year because Clementines are in season and cheap and delicious. I can't help but eat at least three every time I grab for one. - read more


Afeite Al Perro have a website! Por Fin!!

Jose and Jaime from Campamento Ñec Ñec have a record label called Afeite Al Perro (shave the dog) and now have a website where you can learn about their releases and order them from them. Each release and project they work on is ART and full of love and sometimes pain, just like life. if you don't speak/read Spanish and can't understand some of the site... LEARN. - read more


Wild Choir Cinematic Portraits by Jeremy Blake

Jeremy Blake's tragic passing this past summer was a shock to anyone who was a fan of his work and a friend. This weekend the project he was working on, a collaboration with Malcolm McLaren opens at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC. Please go if you can. - read more


R.I.P. Lance Hahn

After long battling complications from kidney disease, Lance Hahn leader of influential punk band J Church passed away yesterday in Austin, TX. He was 40 years old. I think I first met Lance in 1992 during Bratmobile’s first trip to San Francisco. His support and love of women’s musicians soon made him a comrade in arms at a time when not many men were. Lance’s presence on the Bay Area punk scene was always a positive and prolific one and should be an inspiration to musicians today. He never waited for anyone to do anything for him, whether it be book a show, put out a record or start a label. He was and continued to be until the time of he way to early death an example for all of us to follow. - read more


Love Or Perish "Start From Zero" OUT NOW!!

We're super psyched to announce the debut album from LOVE OR PERISH. "Start From Zero" was recording in May in NYC and is from start to finish a punk rock box of crackerjacks. Featuring Carlos from the Peechees, Molly from Simple Social Graces Discos, Bratmobile and The Peechees and Massimo from Outer Space we promise you won't be disappointed. Also features awesome art courtesy of Rick Farr. Available NOW on LP/CD and digitally everywhere. - read more


Evo Morales in NYC at Cooper Union: A Review

It was my lucky honor to be able to attend a lecture on Monday September 24th at Cooper Union by the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales. I was thrilled two years ago when he was elected the first indigenous president in the Americas and have been following his presidency ever since. Seeing him in person reminded me that LEADERSHIP is important and there ARE leaders who are charismatic, brilliant, compassionate and sincere. I dream that one day my country might have the same. - read more


Happy New Year 2000 Ethiopia!

We at simple social graces love outsiders and those who choose to do things differently. We love that Ethiopia follows their own calendar and they celebrate their new millennium today. Happy New Year Ethiopia! And Happy Rosh Hashana too. - read more


Incan Mummies Revealed

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. It got me excited enough to post a news item. I will do my best to post more soon. - read more


Prelude to an editorial: Co-Presidents CLINTON OBAMA in 08!

I have been having a hard time writing longer pieces lately. My mind has been affected by too much work and sadness and overly full schedules and visitors and when I can I just want to shut down and not talk for a while. But my mind is racing and I have lots of things to say, I just don't want to say them to my computer sometimes. So in a prelude to an editorial, I am telling you one thing I am starting to throw my support behind: OBAMA-CLINTON in O8. Who cares about the constitution! Let's get some co-presidents up in this shit. More soon. - read more


Congratulations Team Iraq!

I have been tearing with emo-ness reading the stories about the Iraqi national soccer team winning the Asia cup. They are a unifying inspiration to their country and the rest of us too. Congratulations Lions of the Two Rivers!! - read more


Fractured In Aspect Group Show

Ok NY, between July 25th and August 17th you have to goAndrew Kreps Gallery in Chelsea (525 West 22nd Street, 212-741-8849)
to see the group Show "Fractured In Aspect". Amy Yao, my birthday twin and darling friend is in the show. She recently graduated with an MFA from Yale in sculpture and has a fansatic piece in the show. While you're in Chelsea you can grab a drink or bit at any of the cutie pie restaurants and bars. I went there and chuckled to myself when I wanted a mani pedi that there were probably fewer nail salons in chelsea than any other neighborhood in NY. - read more


R.I.P Dr. Albert Ellis

Dr. Albert Ellis, one of the innovators of behavioral psychotherapy died yesterday. He was old as hell and I don't know too much about his techniques but I'm not into Freud and having survived and thrived though many years of talk therapy it's worth recognizing his influence on modern methods. It's a safe bet that anyone reading this could use at least some talk therapy! - read more


See This Movie

Most in the world full of simple social graces friends know how much we love Audrey "Keys" Marrs. Sharing a sense of humor and a sense of justice with someone is a rare gift and I'm lucky to do so with Audrey. For the last 2 years she's been working as a producer on an incredible film opening this weekend called "No End In Site" which is I think one of the first films with an historical analysis of the war in Iraq and an analysis of where and when the first major errors occured (besides going to war in the first place duh.) It's powerful, poignant and important. Please see it as soon as you can. - read more


Simple Social Graces Discos REPRESENTS in NYC this weekend! Two Tears and Love or Perish!

Ok, if you are in the NY area this weekend and need some real fun. For sure come to Lost and Found in Greenpoint on Friday for some dum dums birthday and also to Cake Shop Saturday for the QxBxRx party. Both shows will be so fun and feature the heart of the SSGD roster, Two Tears and Love Or Perish. Yours truly (Molly) will even be guest drumming for Two Tears. That should be funny!! Be there or be too hip to know what's really cool. - read more


Les Aus on the simple mission

my boy elliot at the simple mission blogged about Les Aus today. WOOT WOOT! - read more



Well it seems that Delorean was in the news in Spain and we (Simple Social Graces Discos) are mentioned in the little news byte as well. Though it is in Spanish, you can tell that Ekhi has long hair and Igor wears glasses. Cool. Check it out now! - read more



Love Or Perish will be going to the WEST COAST in late August for the Fuck Yeah Fest. Its LAs annual punk festival organized by Keith Morris and Sean Carlson. This year's confirmed lineup has the Explosion (playing their last West Coast show, Dillinger 4 and Fucked Up plus a ton of awesome bands! Massimo is spazzing out he is so excited! - read more


New photo Gallery: Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Check out the new photo gallery, some of my pics from our holiday on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It is a truly magical place. - read more


Love Or Perish Song on Myspace

Love Or Perish is finally done making our record and we're so stoked. We actually finished in 4 days and couldn't imagine taking more time. Well, maybe a little more time ha ha. Anyway, here's the first song that's ready for your ears. More news to come soon! - read more


This is the week to be in Barcelona!!

On Thursday the 31st Two Tears play at Heliogabal, the coolest bar in Gracia. To announce the show read this awesome interview in Absolute Zine done by yours truly. On Saturday Ted Leo and The Pharmacistss play the Primavera Sound Festival and begin their European tour. Tons of friends of Simple Social Graces discos will be in the mix, members of Delorean, Les Aus, Grabba Grabba Tape, Anticonceptivas y mas mas mas. I am the worlds biggest dummy for not being able to be there but if you can GO!
Molt petons,

Molly - read more


Interview between Kerry and Molly (IN ENGLISH!!??)

This is the English translation of the cute interview between La Kerrita and La Molita!! Proper version available

- read more



So, ladies and gents, Delorean's album is finally available in the US. Its in stores, and available on the Simple Social Graces store!!! Check it out. Molly has told us that Ekhi's sister sings one of the tracks, this may or may not be true, but BUY BUY BUY and help keep an indie label alive. - read more



More dates have been added to Two Tears' romp across Europe. Check them out, more dates in France, added dates in Italy! We are pretty jealous that Two Tears can be rocking out in Europe, I hope she brings us something good back. - read more



To everyone who came to the Love or Perish/Old Haunts shows this past weekend. They were some of the best shows we've played and also attended in a really long time. Special love goes out to the Old Haunts who are rad and it seems Massimo wanted to just continue on tour with them, but it didn't happen. Old Haunts are now driving back across the country hitting Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, and a lot of other places in between. If you are reading this and you are in any of those places, do check them out.

Also, we highly suggest going to more punk house shows. They are the best. - read more


Two Tears interview in Venus Zine!

Check out this awesome interview in Venus Magazine with Kerry Davis from Two Tears! - read more



This weekend, Love Or Perish will be joining the Old Haunts from Olympia for shows in New York and New Jersey. The Old Haunts are rad, they are on Kill Rock Stars, and they are so rad that Tobi Vail is playing drums for them on this tour. So come and support your local, and traveling rock n roll bands.

May 12th - The Cakeshop (on Ludlow Street on the LES), 8pm, $7, 21+

May 13th - 131 Tompkins Street (in Brooklyn, off the Myrtle Ave. stop on the J) 8pm, all ages

May 14th - The Parlor (233 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ) 6:30pm, 5 bucks, all ages
May 13 - read more


Sitting On Top Of The World

...with two of the best therein. You should all be so lucky. Ya te digo, soy la zorra de suerte. - read more



Check out the new tour dates for Love Or Perish, Two Tears and Delorean! - read more



So the supreme court can kiss my ass. WE MUST ORGANIZE AND TALK AND FIGHT. The world is too dark today. But maybe spring is around the corner and there may be hope in site. Who knows. Meanwhile. I wrote an
- read more


Delorean As Time Breaks Off!!! OUT TODAY

oh man. today is the day we all celebrate. the coolest 12" in the world is out now. You can request it or buy it here and soon online digitally too. I can't say too much or too little. I love this record and this band and these people. Email me if you need more info now! - read more


Group Show at Bronx Museum featuring Becca Albee

I am so proud my dear friend Becca Albee has a piece in a new group show at the Bronx Museum. Considering so few of us venture out of our tiny enclaves it's nice to spreads ones wings and see other boroughs. Please go to the show. - read more


Living with the new erections!

GUYS! March 20th is finally here. Two of the great loves of my life The Locust and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists both have new albums in stores today! FAK YEA!
Both of these albums are testaments to passion, perserverance, conviction and true artistic vision. I am so proud to have worked on both of them and so proud that they are finally here and available. To get them both, click here.... - read more


Grabba Grabba Tape Tour the UK!

That's right! Grabba Grabba Tape is touring the UK in late March. Dr. Groxtronix and Lil Kül Lo are coming together to support their brilliant album "Kurt Kobaya Y Odia Nirvana". Be sure to see if them if you can! Dates here... - read more



Yes it's true! This site CAN be updated! Here is a new interview between Ekhi and Massimo. You'll love it!
M. xx - read more


Simple Social Graces Discos... we make mistakes too!

Due to stupid errors the track listing on the two tears is wrong. Here is what the music is: black glove pretty
3.up my tree
4.die tonite
6.i'm blue
7.2nd worst girlfriend in the world
8.france be alone

The art says:
1.up my tree
2.die tonite
3.i'm blue
4.2nd worst girlfriend in the world black glove
6.moody be alone
8.france pretty

Change it on your playlists if you can! We're trying to fix it! - read more


Two Tears Out Now! And On Tour!!

Ok her record isn't out until February 6 in stores but you can get it here now! It's the most rocking danceable fun record in ages and you can get it here! She's on tour now with Dan Sartain in Europe. More news soon from her but for now this is enough right???? - read more


urteberrion/bon any/ feliz año nuevo/happy new year

Where do we start? Right here of course. It's 2007. Time for PURO DEMACRE: DOMINACIÓN MUDIAL, aka total disaster world domination. I have been lazy and sleepy and getting cozy for the last month and it's been rad, but now I'm back from holidays and ready to work and write and think and talk and dance some more. I am so grateful for last year. I met and have formed new crucial frienshipswith so many new friends who are so important to me and I don't think I could live without them in my life. I travlled to Spain 7 times (I'm telling you the truth.) I started a new record label to document my genius friends. I started a new band with people I love. I started new work on writing and new work in business and feel stronger and fuller because of it. I started hanging out with my physical trainer malcome milton who is muslim and rad and pushes me to my mental limits. I found amazing music I can't stop listening to. So in essence, life is good. But it could be better and I won't stop working until it is. We had an election in the U.S. that is positive but we still need to get into gear to make it really effective. There has been movement within Spain for more autonomy for Catalunya but there could still be more. There has been effort in Euskadi for movement towards peace but as we witnessed this weekend, there is a lot more to do there. And these asshole motherfuckers in Washington hanged Sadam and they think they are on the right track. But those shitheads are the worst and we have to been active and vigilant in telling them so and talking to those who don't think they are in reasonable tones to change their minds. Right? OK? Let's go man. It is all within our reach.

More news in seconds about "Two Tears: "Little Tea" and new records from Delorean, Ted Leo and many more.

Lots of love,

Molly/ Mollyta/Molita/Mokki/Moliuski - read more


Finally in Barcelona

I have arrived in Barcelona after having been in the North of Spain for 4 days and it was ma-gical. It ended with everyon vomiting at least once (except Igor and me), some from drinks, others from liftingh heavy things, others from cheetos. Nice! This week is fantastic because Les Aus and Delorean both play shows this week so I am a very happy girl and I will be happy when I go home too. Life is good. - read more


Just follow the energy.

Last night we drove across Spain from Vigo to Zarautz. It took 8 hours but except for my butt hurting from sitting so long I could have stayed forever. Mau is sick but still Mau-gic. He got the car to work by sitting close to the ignition and he is truly one of the greatest philosophers of our time. Today we leave for Catalunya. Mas pronto. - read more


No seriously, fuck thanksgiving

But have a happy day no matter what. it rules to take the day off of work and hang out with your friends and family and eat a ton of food. I used to love to cook feasts for friends and I always love gatherings and I do believe in being grateful and remembering what you have. But I am not in the EEUU today, I'm in madrid on my way to Galicia. And one thing I can say for sure is that I am grateful for my family, and my family is in a form that is so incredible and so inspiring I can't tell you. In less than 24 hours since I have been in Spain I have seen my oldest friend Carla and her thee gorgeous girls and my brothers in life Maux, Lolo, Jose, Miguel, Grossman, Chi, Jaime and am on my way to Galicia to see my babies Delorean and Mau. What a fucking life. - read more



Guys: Just back from a weekend of shows with Partyline and it was awesome. So many friends and so much hijinx and for once NONE BY ME! When I'm the angel you know somethings twisted. Thanks to partyline and brett and morgan and Jeff Nelson and Cleveland and Detroit and La Shish and all the kids who were at the shows. No thanks to the drunk drig addict animal rights activists who abused thier dogs by letting them listen to us and partyline play. You guys are dickheads.

Today is election day in the EEUU. Vote democratic you big dummies. - read more


Nueva entrevista con Miguel! (Campamento Ñec Ñec)

Um miguel is a currently little know genius but soon the world will know what me and my friends do. One of the greatest minds. Get ready for the english translation soon!! - read more


Entrevista Con Dr. Groxtronix (Grabba Grabba Tape)

Amazing interview in Spanish with Dr. Groxtronix from grabba grabba tape. He is the most cariñoso, you wouldn't believe it. English version coming soon! - read more


RIP Sandy West

Another heroine gone. A pioneer, an inspiration, an example. Girls Get Busy. We need you.

- read more



Enough already. Richard Hell writes an oped in the NYTIMES and it it's clever and rather wise, we all know it's time. Bad Brains played last week, Blondie last night we're all feeling nostalgic and reflective. But I tell you, the best thing I ever saw at CBGB was the lapse to 5 people when Don and Jason were in the band. Chrissy and Gary (I think) had been handing out flyers to strangers and these crazy latina girls came down and hung out and everyone sat in chairs (sean was there) and I just have to say they were brilliant. I didn't use the bathroom. We left as soon as we could.The place is a shithole. It's like everything. When it's over it's over. NAJA YA! Read Chrissy's piece on nostalgia below and think man. - read more


TOP 10 Oct. 15 2006

1-Michel Houellebecq books
2-too young -phoenix
3-daft punk nov 11 (a dream)
4-galicia nov. 23-25
5-La Moreneta en Monserrat con Arni
6-playing shows NOW!
7-Laurent Pernot
9-the swimming pool scene in Alphaville
10-Konstant Kontact - read more


New MP3's: TWO TEARS and DELOREAN + new links (check it)

New songs from two tears and delorean up now. Two Tears is from La Kerry's new album which is as yet un-named. She's in dubai thinking about it so you know it will rule.

Delorean's song is from their album "Into The Plateau" out now on BCore Discs. Simple Social Graces Discos will be realeasing the US version in 2007 complete with a new cover version of Swedish pop act from the 90's Robyn! JODER! - read more



Ostiasssssss. These records are finally out. Believe me if you had told me a year ago that I would start a new label and put out records by these bands well first of all, campamento didn't even exist and second of all I would have said "yeah right". But here I am, releasing the best records in the world and so proud and excited that I just want to go play drums and sit around a table with my friends and talk about songs and life and love and naja todo. You can order these records here and you will not be sorry. Both LP's are hand screened by one of my best friends in the world who is a hooded wonder. If you wanna talk more email me here - read more


Massimo needs a lot of attention

Love or Perish is another new band for Simple Social Graces Discos. Our singer is Massimo. He is like the brother and husband i never/ always wanted. Now I have him and what can I say. He rules and annoys me like none other. Right now he's sitting on my couch with Audrey and Alicia watching the office and drinking vodka and laughing really goofy and pretending to love me and be mad at me. Ha ha ha. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. - read more


FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS TEDDI, fiesta de despedida a mis chicos y new editorial!

YO YO YO, it's time to go! NEXT! Pedro Beto Joel Mario, I LOVE YOU but I need to sleep and comer and hablar como una buena persona. ja ja ja. My little brothers are going back to barna and I will fucking miss them but see them when? Next week. Come back whenever. NOW.
Also new editorial is up. Para ti Maike.
Petons para todos. - read more


My summer of friends. NOW PLANS

WOW, I seriously have got to get out of web traction and back in action. There are a million things happening now with Simple Social Graces Discos. The first is that Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento Ñec Ñec are almost out. The vinyl will be silk screened and beautiful and amazing. Sept. 26 chavales!!

The next news is we are having babies over here at Simple Social Graces Discos. The first crazy addition is not from the Iberian peninsula. IMAGINE THAT? It's Two Tears and she's amazing and beutiful and smart and funny and she's Kerrita! Record out in the new year. More news all the time.

The other new baby is Delorean. The first band from Euskadi to be on Simple Social Graces discos and in honor, la jefa del sello is learning Euskerra and will be teaching anyone who cares some words too. COOL? More details soon on what the record will be but it will have my summer hit "As Time Breaks Off" on it for sure.

SSGD is also going to be adding new bands to distribute like my brothers en cosas MUY PELIGROSAS It's Not Not and Veracruz and I have more ideas so stay tuned. - read more


I'm not lazy I'm just en VACACIONES

Have you ever had your favorite band write a song with your name in it and then record it and send it to you? It's pretty rad when that happens and it can make you remember that life is pretty ruling sometimes. Like today for instance when this happened to me and I had to say: GOD DAMN, THIS IS THE LIFE.
I like to do these things: talk to my friends ALL THE TIME, dance, laugh, play drums, walk around, put on make up, read books, drink drinks, meet boys, talk to my family, make new records and work out with my trainer malcomn.

The Campamento and Grabba records are almost done. They are amazing and I can feel it, simple social graces discos is the best label in the world.

I'm going to start writing editorials again. Get ready. - read more


Hasta luego Madrid, Hola Barcelona

Que pena, but sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. I am leaving Madrid, a weekend of friend and smiles and laughs and music and drinks and lots of walks. The weather was hermosa and my friends are too. And Grossman's black eye is beautiful as well. You can't see it so good here but maybe later. Gracias Josi, Grossi, Maiki, Mari, Hugo, Ingrid, Chi y todos. Lo y Maux: os hecho de menos pero... seguro que I'll see you sooner than we think. Besos a todos y ahora, el sooooooollllll. Thank god I don't have to fly to the UK or US until this weekend. Fuck that. - read more


Absolutely exciting genre-defiance: LES AUS

If you haven't heard it for free on my site, read these awesome reviews and believe the hype and get LES AUS.



Jessica Hopper’s blog


- read more


Absolutely exciting genre-defiance: LES AUS

If you haven't heard it for free on my site, read these awesome reviews and believe the hype and get LES AUS.



Jessica Hopper’s blog

- read more



THIS IS AMAZING. Yes, this is "OUR TED"! - read more


Happy Birthday Massi!

This idiot asshole awesome is celebrating his birthday by being drunk and gay in Madrid. We should all be so lucky. I miss and love you tontito. - read more



Darlings, me and my hot new fake tan want to tell you that LES AUS's first album "HARANNA HANNE" is out in stores in the US today and it's amazing. I will be sending out information on how to order it online and where to get it soon but needless to say I'm a proud hermana hoy. I LOVE THEM. I HAVE THE BEST LABEL. - read more



WOOOOOT WOOOT!! What an amazing day. The beautiful game, beutiful friends. beutiful food. Beutiful gin tonieeeeessss. - read more


NOW national conference and Yound Feminist Summit

On Friday July 21 I'll be participating the in 2006 National Organization of Women's Young Feminist summit. It should be wild. I will report back of course. Feminist warrior 06 baby. - read more


NEWSFLASH: Viva Italia

Ok, finally more editorials. Back from a trip to LA to meet my newest niece Cosima who I will not post photos of until she is of age to defy her father and become a supermodel. Read all about it and my other humilations on my editorials page. Slowly but surely I'm getting these records done and they are the best in the world so they'll be worth the wait. This weekend the world cup final is happening and we're meeting at Brio to cheer on Italia and reading teddy's blog in the meantime. Summer is here, I'm hitting the gym and loving you. - read more



I HATE THE NEWS TODAY. The NY supreme court hates gays, Israel hates palestine, I hate the new president of Mexico, North Korea is loco, the army breeds psychopaths and sometimes I just don't know how I'm gonna get out of bed. - read more



I know I am busted for not writing more. My brother has left me and now I will have more time. I promise. More news soon on Les Aus, Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento Ñec Ñec. Amazing records by the best bands in the world. Also news on my new band Love Or Perish and the NAJA UNDERGROUND. Summer is here and it's fucking hot and sweaty and the rain is falling and god is crying ha ha. Yeah Right. New York has world cup fever and all the coolest teams have been kicked out (paraguay, costa rica, T&T, Togo, Mexico) so we have to root for the simply cool: spain and portugal. I have a lot of new babies in my life: Cosima, Isabel and Kea, all born within two weeks of eachtother and all amazing. And what now? Stay tuned and write me! - read more


Love Or Perish Photos

Rad I found some. From our first show. Gracias a la Territa. - read more



JUNE 13: DELANCEY BAR. 10:30. Molly-Carlos-Massi-Carlotta-Maurix-Randy. SOMOS 6. WE ARE SIX. We are punk and ready to explode. Not egotistically. We are exploding out of our sking. Come be with us. - read more


World Cup Fever

I am excited. Go Paraguay!

- read more


Londres/Madrid/NEW LOGO

hey troncos-
SSGD is in London right now. It's raining and crappy but there is good music in the air and lots of friends in town because of ATP and Sean Na Na tour. Anyway, Friday we go to Madrid for a holiday weekend and it will be amazing but don't be jealous. World travels are impending.
This weekend The Donnas DJ at Nasti in Madrid from 2-4 AM so come. Also, I have a new logo courtesy of my personal designer Thiskett . Hire him!! - read more


NEWS: Live from London

I am trying to keep up with the world as I move around in it. I am in London working this week and preparing for a finde fiesta in Madrid. Photos, stories and more to come. So today I was able to visit some of my favorites in Brighton and as you can see from my photo galleries, I make it there almost as much as I make it to Spain. In the midst of this, I am dispatched with some long lost photos from a holiday in Costa Rica. Check them out. They are proof of aliens and CIA conspiracy. Under Playa Agujas, Costa Rica. OK?? - read more


Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento Ñec Ñec go on tour in Europe this summer

Baila el Naja Naja niños y niñas. This summer Europe will never be the same. Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento Ñec Ñec go on tour and the axis of the earth will immediately go in reverse. Flowers will sprout from the seas, veggie burgers and margaritas will be flowing through the sahara. Music has never sounded this good or this drunk. Let's go! Oh, and if you can help with a show, email - read more


New MP3! Campamento Ñec Ñec is finally here

JODER. I can't tell you how excited I am about the thris record in the simple social graces discos plan. We finally are able to bring you a sample of the music. Check it out now!! - read more



I wrote a story about my weekend. Read it and laugh at me. Also, if you live in NY, come to our DJ night. All the info is on the "be here now page". We love you. - read more


I'll be by the pool

Hi darlings,
I leave for Coachella this evening. This will be my fourth year and the main things on my agenda are: Ted Leo/RX lifting up the masses with the mountains in the vista, Cundo and Christina's baby shower, working on my tan and Daft Punk. Next week is SO FULL of things to do in NY, you must check the link below to know how to keep up. Oh, and I cut my hair. It is sassy again.
Molly - read more


A million new fotos

I have finally figured out the photo gallery and started to add a ton of new pictures. Well they aren't new but they are new to you? I hope to be current by the end of May. Also, keys will be curating a gallery too so get psyched.
Molly - read more



There has been a lot of funny news about Simple Social Graces Discos in the last week. Thanks to my darling Aleix who is Catalan and feeling the mission of bringing the best music to the world, I have been able to announce the label and it seems awesome that a few people care! If you are curious, here are the articles.
- read more



But until then if you are a dork like me you will be my friend at our MySpace Page

new mp3's and tour plans and more more more soon. Also, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.
Molly - read more


Simple Social Graces Discos on Tuning Fork Media

My girl pitchperfect asked me to write about some music and stuff for her blog so I wrote about my Spanish/Catalunyan underground addiction. She also wrote some nice things. Check them all out here: - read more

Simple Social Graces