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Tokyo calling: La Nerda vs. Keys

Sunday 22nd of January 2006

I interviewed Audrey (AKA Keys Marrs) about Tokyo as one of my friends was heading there. Here is part of our convo on IM. It’s not complete by any means but this is pretty much a snapshot of all I’ve been able to do on my three visits to Tokyo. One day I will spend real time there.

Molly Neuman: Harajuku
Molly Neuman: kiddie land, the mall etc right?
Audrey Marrs: younger, wildest fashion
Audrey Marrs: where all the kids in fruits hang out
Audrey Marrs: they used to be all over the city but sadly have been confined to this area
**note, the mall is like 5 stories and all little shops. there is also an alley right near there (I remember a crepe stand as an indicator) which has all sort of small and cheaper shops. I got my favorite watch which tells temperature in celsius and shows three time zones here as well as my favorite barretes ever.

Molly Neuman: Shibuya
Audrey Marrs: more grown-up fancy area. my fav. i think(???) the ginza is there but i can't remember. it's the elegant shopping area
Molly Neuman: do you remember the same of the best dept store? isutune?
Audrey Marrs: isetan
Molly Neuman: right

**note, this is also where a lot of the shoe and record shops are. I have been trying to find info on this bootleg DVD/video shop which has videos of every band in history and is super cheap. They always give bands free videos. It's called Air and I think it's near Shibuya station/Shibuya Tokyo Hands but I can't find anything online. Maybe ask at another record shop?
Isetan and the other big dept. stores are exciting and there is beautiful stuff there.

Molly Neuman: Shinjuku
Audrey Marrs: Shinjuku is the most exciting area, kind of like times square but not so tacky. it's the city center. it's just fun to walk around there. there's lots of shopping there too and this is where takashimaya is
Audrey Marrs: takashimaya used to be my favorite but i noticed between 98 and 2005 it went from saks to macy's. still has cute stuff tho
**note, this is where Park Hyatt (from Lost In Translation) is, might be fun for a drink.

Audrey Marrs: i would also suggest the mori art museum. there's a tokyo city 360 degree view from the top that is amazing and free separate from the museum

Molly Neuman: and moss burger?
Audrey Marrs: oh yeah. if you're sick of rice and miso soup (which i get sometimes) go to moss burger. it rules. "watashi-wa fish bah-gah gah ski-des" my favorite food is a fishburger
**note, I would also suggest ramen shops and in Harajuku there is a tempura shop across the street from the mall the girls and I always go because you can get full for like $5 and it's yummy.

I also found these links to record store info:

I would also suggest Karaoke with Japanese friends. Lots of drinks and sushi and songs. You can’t go wrong. I have been known to end nights early with horrible renditions of “Jet” and “Rock And Roll Star”.

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